Legacy Planning

Planning Made Simple
We have partnered with The Baptist Foundation of Alabama to provide FREE Legacy Planning to our Boones Chapel family! TBFA has been helping families with their wills, advance directives, living wills, estate planning and giving. Watch this brief video to see why legacy planning is so important and how easy the process is to complete.
Leaving a Legacy
These are things that usually creep into our minds in the later years of life. They are done at a time when your children are grown and, at times, your grandchildren are grown. You think about your grandson driving your ’77 Chevy or your granddaughter wearing an expensive piece of your jewelry. You think about who can be trusted to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. You think about what the world will look like after you are gone. What your family will go through and what decisions will be made. All of these thoughts go into Creating a Will and assigning Power of Attorney. The grandson will receive the truck. Your granddaughter will receive the jewelry. Your medical decisions are in the hands of a trusted person. Great! But what is your legacy? It is great to have those things settled before you pass, but is that all there is? Can your death be more than a truck and jewelry? Absolutely! That is where Legacy Planning comes into the picture. Through the Southern Baptist Association, you can designate a certain percentage of your estate to your church! Your final gift could be used to change lives for Jesus! What a way to leave this world. But, do not wait until your kids are grown and grandchildren are climbing into your lap. We all know that we are not promised tomorrow. My wife and I have already done this process and we are only in our late twenties! With two small children at home, we did not want to leave their lives in the hands of others. If God decides to take us home before their adult years, everything is planned. No questions asked. We also loved the idea of giving one last gift to our church that we love! I encourage everyone to take part in this program!
Keston and Jolee Chatman