The Safe Room at Boones Chapel

The Safe Room at Boones Chapel was built after the Tornado that destroyed our Sanctuary in 2011. It is fortified to withstand in climate weather. We allow people to use our Safe Room but we also remind them that this is still a church. We ask that you follow the rules.
1- Everyone must have transportation. You are not to be dropped off.
2- Everyone must sign-in.
3- You must bring your own refreshments.
4- No alcohol or tobacco products are allowed on our campus.
5- Please stay in the Safe Room or in the lobby, do not walk around the building.
6- All children must be accompanied by a Parent/Guardian and stay with them at all times.
7- Please make sure the Safe Room is left like you found it.
8- During the time of Covid-19, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency requires that everyone in the Safe Room wear a mask at all times.